News Item

News items are a way of quickly publishing news, notices or notifications to users.

News items can be combined with other components to act as place holders for the News items.

Under Manage, select News Item:

On the News item page there are the existing News items. To add a new News item click on in the top right corner of the page:

An editor will open to allow the user to build up the news item.

The title for the news item is mandatory. The type defines how it can be displayed on the home page:

  • Home featured.
  • Home carousel.

Links can contain hyperlinks and images (portal assets or all assets). The Description has the same functionality but would probably be used more for text input than Links. In this example the inserted link opens a new window on a campaign collection (Cucumber collection):

Once saved, further items can be associated by clicking on the + icon and selecting the required assets. This image will be included in the display of the news item:

When completed the example. CUCUMBER CAMPAIGN links to the associated campaign. The text of Google links externally to Google.com. The image has been associated with the news item:

This News item can then be implemented in Page components such as an Entity list so it is shown on a page.

The Entity List is added to the Home page:

On the edit option of the Entity List:

In the Select section, under Entity definitions choose New items from the Definition drop down. Select the number of News items to be shown under Take. In this example, both of the existing campaigns will be shown, shown under Results. But filtering is available using the Filters section.

Under Output, select Add output property and select: Property under Type, Link under Property. The format defines the text setting of the label that can be entered in the Label box below. An Action can be associated with the output if required:

On the Template section select the way the News item is to be displayed:

Click on one of the three templates to use that layout:

A label can be added to the Entity list using the Labels section:

For further information on Entity Lists please see Entity List Component.

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