Terms and conditions

This page is intended for high-level users to define the Terms and conditions that need to be accepted by users after the authentication in order to be redirected to the homepage. The modification rights of the terms and conditions is configurable with user permissions e.g. rule on user agreement. The concept of user permissions/policies is extensively explained in the next chapter.

Manage > Terms and Conditions

Clicking the New term button allows you to add new lines for the Terms and conditions.

Manage > Terms and Conditions > New Term


The View page button displays a preview of the terms and conditions as seen by new users.

There are 4 mandatory fields:

  • A title in order to identify the terms and conditions entry.
  • An activation date which defines when to show these terms and conditions.
  • An index that defines the positioning of the agreement in the terms and conditions page structure.
  • The content value: the message displayed to any user accessing the portal.

Manage > Terms and Conditions > New Term completed

Clicking the Save button stores the configured Terms and conditions.

Manage > Terms and Conditions > New Term completed and saved

Note: clearing the pages cache is required for the updated terms and conditions to take effect.

Terms and conditions pop-up

At the next login, the Terms and conditions will be displayed. Users need to agree before they can access the application. Note that for each modification of the Terms and conditions, the confirmation functionality is triggered.

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