Portal Translations

Sitecore Content Hub supports translations of labels on all portal content. To add a translation go to the Portal languages page under Manage:

On the Portal languages is shown a list of existing languages in the portal. To add a new language click on .

In the new modal enter a name for the new portal language. The Name is mandatory, in this example nl-BE is used. From the Culture dropdown select the appropriate value, in the example Dutch (Belgium) to match the name. An optional label can be input for the new portal language. Once completed click on Create to add the language:

Next, go to the Translations page under Manage:

Go to the detail page for the value that is to be translated by clicking on the icon .

From the dropdown in the top-right corner, select the portal language required and click the icon. In the Value box the new translation can be added.

Obviously, as it is time-consuming to change each label individually a new portal language can be created and translations for the portal content labels can be imported.

For more information of exporting and importing translations, please see Translation: Export and Import.

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