External component options

The external component's code provides you with different parameters to use in your functionalities:

options.componentIdThe external component's Id.
options.messageBoardThe messageBoard object corresponds to the real-time confirmation or error messages notification popups.
options.configThe config object contains the parameters to set in the component's general configuration tab.
options.messagesThe messages object contains a key-value list of all the text values displayed in the component.
options.apiThe list of all the API endpoints you can call.
options.entityThe entity of the current page (for entity detail pages)
options.contextsEach context holds an observable and updatable object. You can use this variable in a computed function that run every time the context changes.
options.mediatorThe mediator object contains all the event subscriptions.
options.userThe logged-in user.
options.userGroupsThe logged-in user groups.
options.cultureThe culture in the current page.
options.culturesAll the cultures configured in the application.
options._pageThe page containing the external component.
options._containerThe external component itself.

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