Extend CMP state flows

Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP)™ offers built-in state flows. You can use these state flows to define a recurring process, such as a review flow for your content, products, or smart print templates.

Different contents might need different state flows. For instance, technical marketing content might need a different review flow than corporate marketing content. In this case, you can create a new state flow that applies to a specific content type.

This document guides you on extending Sitecore CMP state flows to accommodate different review processes.


This document provides best practices and generic steps to follow, not a complete procedure.

To create a new state flow for specific content types, follow these steps:

  1. If your flow is not related to a built-in content type, create a new content type.
  2. Create a state flow.
  3. Create an action of Type Start state machine that starts the new state flow.
  4. Create a trigger:
    • Configure the trigger with Entity creation and Entity modification as Objective.
    • Set a condition to apply the new state flow to specific content types.
    • Set a condition to not trigger the default CMP content approval for these specific content types.
    • Add the new action as a trigger action of Type Post.

You can also edit an existing state flow instead of creating a new one.

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