The homepage is the main entry point to Sitecore Content Hub and the default redirect page when you first log in.

The homepage is configurable. As shown on the following image, the items present by default are:


When you use a new version of Content Hub for the first time, a What's new window opens with descriptions of new features.


To return to the homepage, click the Sitecore logo in the upper-left corner of the browser window.

Navigate the main menu bar items

To navigate between the various areas of Content Hub, you can use the main menu bar at the top of the homepage. Depending on your user permissions, you might see only part of the menu items described in the following table.

Menu itemDescription
ProductsMenu item for the Sitecore Product Content Management (PCM) module, which centralizes the management and maintenance of product data.
ContentMenu item for the Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP) module, which is the central hub providing an overall view of all content.
AssetsRedirects you to the Assets page where you can perform searches on your assets.
CollectionsRedirects you to the Collections page that displays a list of the collections created by you or shared with you.
ProjectsMenu item for the Sitecore Marketing Resource Management (MRM) module, which provides an overall view of your marketing content and processes.
PrintMenu item for the Sitecore Content Publisher module, which allows you to create and control central customizable templates, print customized product sheets, and more.
CreateRedirects you to the Create page where you can upload assets new pieces of content.
ReviewRedirects you to the Review page where you can approve or reject submitted content.
DRMRedirects you to the DRM contracts page where you can see and edit your DRM contracts.
Help Provides a link to the Content Hub documentation platform (for tips on using the documentation platform, see Get started with the documentation).
Manage superusers onlyRedirects you to the Manage page where you can perform configuration and maintenance tasks such as user accounts management, data management, settings edition, and more.
User menu Menu item for your profile and personal pages.

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