On the Download page, you can see all your download orders. It shows information such as the number of files in the download orders and their timestamps. From this page, you can download the orders or send them by email. This section describes the Downloads page in detail and the actions you can perform from it.

To open the Downloads page, on the right side of the menu bar, click your profile icon, and then click Downloads .

The Downloads page displays a table list of all your download orders. Each row represents a download order and each column a property detail of the order or an action button.

The table has the following columns:

  • Name: name of the download order.
  • Targets: number of files in the download order.
  • Created on: timestamp of the download order creation.
  • Status: status of the download order creation.

Download orders remain available for 30 days, by default.

From the table, you can do the following:

  • To choose the columns you want to display in the table, click Columns .

  • To filter by status, use the drop-down list above the table.

  • To refresh the download order status field, click Refresh .

To perform an action on a download order, use the following operations:

  • Download : click to download the packaged file using the web browser.
  • Actions: click to display the available actions to apply to the download order:
    • Share via email: to send a public link of the download order by email, click .
    • Delete: to delete the download order, click Delete .

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