My searches

The My searches page provides an overview of all your saved searches.

To open the My searches page, on the right side of the menu bar, click your profile icon, and then click My searches .

As shown on the following image, the My searches page displays a table list of all the saved searches. Each row represents a saved search and each column a property detail of the search or an action button:

From the table, you can do the following:

  • To enable or disable a saved search, turn the View search switch on or off. (a) disabled saved search does not appear in the saved search tab of the Assets page).

  • To execute the save search click it.

  • To choose the columns you want to display in the table, click Columns .

  • To find the saved search you want in the table, perform a full-text search using the search tile at the top of the page.

  • To sort the saved searches by name or modification date, use the Sort by drop-down above the table.

To perform an action on a saved search, use the following operations:

  • Set as my default : sets the search as your default search. Your default search is applied by default in the My searches section on the Assets page.

  • Share : displays the public link of the saved search. You can share it with other users who have the security permissions to see the searched content.

  • Delete : deletes the saved search.

  • Turn on notifications : enables notifications on the saved search.

  • Edit : renames the search.

  • Make public : makes your search public.

  • Make private : makes your search private.


According to the configuration of your solution, the actions might be grouped under a More actions menu.

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