My selections

The My selections page groups all your saved selections and the saved selections shared with you.

To open the My selections page, on the right side of the menu bar, click your profile icon, and then click My selections .

As shown on the following image, the My selections page displays a table list of all the saved selections. Each row represents a saved selection and each column a property detail of the selection or an action button:

The table has the following columns:

  • Name: name of the saved selection.
  • Created on: timestamp of the download order creation.
  • Created by: creator of the selection.

You can do the following:

  • To choose the columns you want to display in the table, click Columns .

  • To find the selection you want in the table, perform a full-text search using the search tile above the table.

  • To view a selection, click its name.

  • To delete a selection, click Delete .

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