Crop examples

When you create a custom download for asset renditions, you define additional options, including whether to crop the rendition. The following examples illustrate how you can use each of the available crop options. In the Custom download dialog box, you can see a real-time preview of the expected result of the crop before you apply it to your asset.

Crop options are only available for Image formats. They are not available for Vector formats or for file types associated with proprietary software (such as Photoshop), although you can still change the dimensions of these files by amending their width or height. The aspect ratio, however, stays locked. For a complete list of Image formats, see Asset types.


The dimensions of the new rendition must be smaller than the dimensions of the original image.

Don't crop

Don't crop lets you resize the rendition but locks the aspect ratio. When you change the height value, the width changes automatically, and vice versa.

The following example changes the width and height of an image asset but does not crop the image:

Original - Output dimensions 6000 x 4000 px
Don't crop - Output dimensions 3000 x 2000 px

Crop to center

Crop to center provides a rendition that can be resized with the aspect ratio unlocked. This option positions the crop box in the center of the image. You must select either the custom width and height, or a preset value.

The following example crops the image using the Crop to center option:

Original - Output dimensions 3088 x 4624 px
Crop to center - Output dimensions 1000 x 2000 px

Smart crop

Smart crop examines the content of an image and automatically examines the image for edges, skin tones, and areas of saturated color, and crops it based on what are assumed to be the most important features. The width and height values specify the dimensions of the cropped area.

The following example illustrates the Smart crop option:

Original - Output dimensions 5000 x 7502 px
Smart crop - Output dimensions 1000 x 600 px

Manual crop

Manual crop lets you select the aspect ratio from a list of preset values, resize the image using preferred width and height values, or manually adjust the cropping box in the preview pane.

The following example illustrates the Manual crop option using the selection tool on the preview:

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