Saved search and saved selection

Saved searches and saved selections are only available for assets, and while a saved search and a saved selection might seem similar, they actually serve different purposes, as explained in the following table.

FeatureDescriptionUse when...
Saved searchA saved search is dynamic. When you select it,
Content Hub regenerates search results based
on the criteria you defined. This can be a filter criteria you defined in an advanced search or a filtered search.
  • You want to save specific search options, filters, or facets in the search criteria.
  • You want to display a saved search grid on a specific page.
  • You want to personalize the user experience using a saved search.
  • You want other users to have the ability to receive notifications about changes
    to a saved search.
  • You want to share search results.
  • Saved selectionA saved selection is a static collection of entities returned using the criteria you defined.
  • You want to create, organize, and share a selection of assets with other Content Hub users.
  • You want to grant read or edit permission for a specific selection of assets.
  • Note

    When you share a saved selection with other users, security policies and permissions apply to the assets in the saved selection.

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