Parallel import

The data in the Excel worksheet or workbook is divided into batches for processing. These batches are imported concurrently to improve the import speed.

Parallel imports are standard unless the Excel file contains a self-relation or cells of a row dependent on each other. If there is a self-relation, then the rows are imported sequentially.

These self-relations include:

  • Option lists
  • Taxonomies
  • Upon detection of self-relations

The following example shows a job report for an Import job being viewed.

  • The Excel worksheet User is imported sequentially and not in parallel because it contains taxonomies.
  • The worksheet M.KPI.Object does not have any self-relations, so this worksheet is imported in batches of ten.


If the import runs in parallel and an error occurs, with the failOnError flag enabled, the job fails after the batch is completed. This means that instead of the batch failing on the first error, it fails on the first batch error.

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