The Export section of the Import/Export page allows you to select the following information for export:

Export by date

To export by date:

  1. In the Export section, click the calendar icon.

  2. Select a date and a time for targets modified after this date and time.

Download export package

To download the export package:

  1. Select the targets to export from the list.

  2. Click Export. The package generates.

  3. Go to the user menu and select Downloads.

  4. To download the package, click Order .

    • You can also email the package: click More actions and select Share via email.

The package downloads through the browser to the defined download location folder. It can take time to generate depending on the amount of information required. Once generated, the Status changes to Completed.


Depending on the size of the package, the Share via email option might not be advisable. Make sure to check the size of the package during its creation, or download the package first and check its size.

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