Portal translations

Sitecore Content Hub™ supports the use of multiple languages for text labels. You can add translations to all labels at once or to individual labels. Because it is time-consuming to add translations to each label individually, Content Hub provides the option to import and export translations.

Before you can add translations for individual labels:

  1. Add a portal language.
  2. Add language translation manually.

Add a translation for a label using the translation ID

You can selectively add a translation to individual labels using the label Translation ID.

To add a translation for a label using the translation ID:

  1. Go to the page which contains the required label (for example, the Assets page).

  2. Click Profile and settings and select Show translation keys.

    This displays the translation keys for the labels that are currently on the page. The translation IDs prefix the entity names for the labels.

  3. Copy the translation ID of the label.

    In the following example, the translation ID for the Select all label is 23223.

  4. On the menu bar, click Manage .

  5. On the Manage page, click Translations.

  6. In the Search box, enter ID='Translation ID' (for example, ID=23223).

To edit the label translation:

  1. Click View detail page .
  2. On the Entity detail page, click Edit .
  3. Make the necessary changes, and click Save.

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