Project types

Sitecore MRM™ module offers two types of projects: Basic projects and Multi-stage projects. Each type of project serves specific use cases of user workflows.

Basic projects

Basic projects are used for a simple workflow, enabling an easy collaboration on content and simple task assignments.

For more information about basic projects, please refer to the Basic project section.

Multi-stage projects

Multi-stage projects are used for more complex workflows. They are high-level projects organized in stages and milestones and offering an efficient timeline management. Each stage offers the basic project functionality including content, tasks, a budget and resources management.

For more information about multi-stage projects, please refer to the Multi-stage project section.

Project templates

When users find themselves often initiating similar types of multi-stage projects or basic projects, creating new multi-stage project and Project structures every time can be a waste of time.

Sitecore MRM™ has a template feature that allows users to utilize multi-stage project structures or a sequence of multiple projects as a template for similar recurring multi-stage projects.

Additionally, the multi-stage project information and other settings such as stages and tasks can be stored as part of the template.

On the multi-stage project or basic project's details page, the entity can be edited to become a template by checking the Template checkbox and saving the changes within the details modal.

Users with permissions can now use this template to create a new multi-stage project on the multi-stage project's home page. Same can be done on a more granular level for a basic project.

By clicking on the button and selecting "New from template", users can select from the list of templates and only need to fill in the mandatory fields ('Name' and 'Start Date') in order to create a multi-stage project or Project from the template.

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