Tasks Overview

On the Tasks page, you can find all the tasks you are collaborating on:

  • My tasks: selecting the My tasks filter shows the tasks assigned to you as a user.
  • Created by me: selecting the Created by me displays all the Tasks created by the user.

  • Search: there is a search box available to search for incoming and outgoing tasks, along with the possibility to filter on status and priority.

The color of tasks represents their statuses:

  • Grey: Pending/Not-started tasks.

  • Yellow: In progress/Accepted tasks.

  • Green: Completed tasks.

  • Red: Rejected tasks.

Clicking the name of a task redirects you to the task details page, where you can work on the task and edit its metadata.

You can sort the tasks in ascending or descending order based on:

  • Due date
  • Name
  • Created on

By default, 10 tasks show on each page.

For more details about tasks, see:

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