PCM allow navigation flag

As a rule, relations with more than 20 entities should have the Allow navigation flag set to false.

Setting the Allow navigation flag set to false means that the relation is not browsable via the API and is displayed in read-only mode on the details page.

If you are heavily using PCM and have ingested a large amount of data, the Allow navigation flag must be set to false. Otherwise, the webserver takes a performance hit because of the resulting latency on the webserver caused by a large number of relations, leading to a degradation in Sitecore Content Hub's performance.

Navigation flag

To set the Allow navigation flag to false:

  1. Navigate to the Manage page.
  2. Select Entities
  3. Select the required entity.
  4. Navigate to the member that contains the relation. In this example, M.Brand is a Parent relation of M.PCM.Product, meaning that you can relate a Brand to many products through the BrandToProduct member.
  5. Click the ... action icon at the end of the entry.
  6. Select Edit.
  7. On the Edit member modal, select the Advanced tab.
  8. Scroll down to the Allow navigation field.
  9. Toggle the switch to OFF

The Allow navigation flag is set to false for the following relations:

Entity relationDetails
PCMCatalogToProductSet to false from the Catalog side.
PCMPRoductStatusToProductSet to false from the Status side.
PCMProductToAssetSet to false from the Product side.
PCMCatalogToAssetSet to false from the Catalog side.
PCMProductFamilyToAssetSet to false from the ProductFamily side.
PCMProductFamilyToProductSet to false from the ProductFamily side.
PCMBrandToAssetSet to false from the Brand side.
PCMProductToContentSet to false from both sides.

Any remaining relations that use the Allow navigation flag are available to the superuser.

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