Conditional variable example

In the editor, you create conditional variables that automatically change to pre-defined values when their linked frame changes.

In the following example, the Product image frame is mapped to the Slogan text variable:

When the Product image frame changes, the Slogan variable automatically changes:

The following section guides you through the configuration of this conditional variable.

Step-by-step configuration


This example assumes that you already created a dynamic frame.

To configure your dynamic frame with a conditional variable:

  1. On the template detail page, on the Dynamic frame tab, on the frame you want to edit, click Edit .
  2. On the Dynamic frame dialog bow, on the Mappings tab, in the Frame drop-down list, select Product image.
  3. Click Add mapping.
  4. In the Source relation drop-down list, select Products:
  5. In the Store property drop-down list, select Short description:
  6. In the in template variable drop-down list, select Slogan:
  7. Click Save.
  8. On the template detail page, the frame shows an associated mapping to the Product image frame:
  9. As a result, changing the product image also changes the slogan:

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