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You edit publications using the Sitecore Content Publisher editor. You can open the editor:

  • On the Publications page, on the publication you want to edit, click Edit .
  • On the inline preview of the publication, on the top-right of the image preview, click Edit .

All the actions described in this topic start from the publication editor page.

On the left of the editor page, a template viewer displays your publications. On the right, you see a collapsible sidebar containing the following tabs: Design, Frames, and Details. You can edit the publication by changing the configurations in these tabs or manipulating the elements on the publication itself.

To save your edits, on the top right of the page, click Save.


On the Design tab, you can edit the variables available for editing. Variables represent the text elements of your publication. The number and types of variables depend on the template configuration. The following examples do not describe all the possibilities of variables but provide help to get you started.

Example 1 - Change a simple text variable

You want to change the price displayed on the publication.

  1. In the Sitecore Content Publisher editor, click the Design tab:

  2. Edit the Price field to the value you want:

This change shows immediately in the publication.

Example 2 - Conditional variable

Variables can be conditional. In this example, the Selected Product field controls the Slogan field. When you change the Selected product field to Lime, the Slogan automatically changes to The best lime juice in the world:

Orange selected productLime selected product

You can change the frame accordingly to create a new publication:

Orange selected product with Orange product image and LogoLime selected product with Lime Product image and Logo


On the Frames tab, you can edit the frames available. Frames represent the image elements of your publication. The number and types of frames depend on the template configuration. The following examples do not describe all the possibilities of frames but provide help to get you started.

Example 1 - Alternatives

Alternative images might be available to replace your publication frames.

To view the available alternatives of a frame, on the Frames tab or in the template viewer, select the frame you want:

Two new tabs appear:

  • Library images: lets you use assets from Sitecore DAM as alternative images.
  • My images: lets you upload files to use as alternative images.

In this example, assets from Sitecore DAM are available as alternatives to replace the Logo frame field:

When you click the alternative image, the frame updates automatically:


If no alternative is available, nothing happens when you select a frame.

Example 2 - Moving publication frames

If the frame is not constrained, you can change the image placeholder location, size, and position on the publication.

A hand appears when you move your mouse on top of the element:

You can drag the element to another location on the page. In the example, the logo is dragged from the left side to the right side:

You can also rotate the element using the top blue circle on the frame:

Example 3 - Clear contents

When you select a frame, you can delete its content by clicking Clear contents:

To confirm the deletion, on the Delete dialog box, click Yes:

The content of the frame is removed, but the frame itself is not, and you can insert new content into the frame:


On the Details tab, you can see the metadata of the publication and edit its Name and Description.

To edit the Name and Description of a publication:

  1. On the Details page, click Edit .
  2. Fill the following fields:

    NameStringName of the publication.String valueMandatory
    DescriptionStringDescription of the publication.String valueOptional
  3. Click Save.

Download a publication

You can download a publication from the publication editor page while you are editing it.

To download a publication, on the top right of the page, click Download then click one of the following rendition options:

  • PDF - low resolution PDF.
  • High-resolution PDF - high-resolution PDF.
  • PNG - high-resolution image.
  • JPG - low-resolution image.
  • IDML - high-resolution InDesign Markup file.

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