Enable print

The Print menu is the entry point for the functionality of the Sitecore Content Publisher. It offers two pages:

  • Publications, which is the page for end-users of CHILI publisher. On the Publications page, users can choose and edit Templates that have been made available to them by CHILI administrators.
  • Templates, which is the dedicated page for CHILI administrators. On the Templates page, administrators can upload CHILI packages and edit the variables and dynamic frames to allow restricted edits to be made to the Templates by users on the Publications page.

To enable the Print option in the Menu.

  1. Go to Manage and select Pages. Search for the Print page.

  2. On the Print management page, Go to the Info tab.

  3. Click Edit to allow values to be amended.

  4. Toggle the appears in Menu option to active. Once the appears in Menu is active, click on the button:

After refreshing the page, the Print item should appear in the upper menu.


The information required for the CHILI configuration must be filled in by a Superuser. The Endpoint, User, Password, and Environment values are provided by CHILI publish upon purchase of the Print module. For more information on CHILI configuration, please see CHILI configuration.

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