The publications feature provides a simplified workspace with an editor that lets you customize templates using form-based editing, inline text editing, or a combination of both. You can also select images from Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM), upload pictures from your desktop, or add links to images, preflight, and proof documents, all from within Sitecore Content Hub.

On the Publications page, you can see and manage your publications. You can also use templates to download or create new publications.

To access the Publications page, on the main menu bar, click Print, then click Publications. All the actions described in this document start from the Publications page.

You can sort your publications using the display and sorting options or search for a publication using the full-text search bar at the top of the page.


You can perform operations either on a single publication or on multiple publications using bulk operations.

Single publication

Operations for a single publication are available on the publication tile.

You can perform the following operations:

  • Edit : edit the publication.
  • Download : download the default PDF rendition of the publication.
  • More actions : display more available operations.
    • Duplicate : create a duplication of the publication.
    • Delete : delete the publication.

Bulk operations

To perform a bulk operation, you first need to select the publications on which you want to apply it.

Bulk operations are available on the right of the page menu bar.

You can perform the following bulk operations:

  • Edit : mass edit the selected publications.
  • Download : mass download the selected publications.
  • Delete : delete the selected publications.
  • More actions : display more available operations.
    • Show selected only : display only the selected publications.
    • Copy to clipboard : copy the selected publications to the clipboard.

Mass download


To mass download, you need the Order permission for the M.Chili.Publication definition, in addition to the DownloadPreview permission to download PDF rendition and the DownloadOriginal permission to download High-resolution PDF, PNG, JPG and IDML renditions.

The mass download operation lets you create a download order for multiple publications.

To create a download order:

  1. Select the publications you want to download.
  2. On the right of the page menu bar, click Download .
  3. On the Download options page, set the following parameters:

    Download nameStringName of the download order.String valueNo
    FormatSelection listRendition formats of the publications to download.PDF (default), High-resolution PDF, PNG, JPG and IDMLYes
  4. Click Next.

You can see your download order from your Downloads page and download it when ready.


If the mass download is only partially successful, the download order zip file contains a text file describing which publications and formats failed to download.

Inline preview

To open the inline preview, on the Publications page, click the tile of a publication. The inline preview displays a preview image of the publication on the left side and its metadata on the right panel.

You can change the Name and Description of the publication from the inline preview.

To change the Name or Description of the publication:

  1. On the top right of the metadata panel, click Edit.
  2. Change the Name and Description fields.
  3. Click Save.

At the top right of the image preview, the following operations are available:

  • Edit - to open the publication editor.
  • Download - to download the default PDF rendition of the publication.
  • More actions - to display additional operations:
    • Duplicate - to create a duplication of the publication.
    • - Annotations - to open the Annotations page.
    • - Delete - to delete the publication.

Create a publication

The Publications page lets you create new publications using Sitecore Content Publisher templates.

To create a publication:

  1. In the top right of the Publications page, click + Publication.
  2. To open the publication editor, on the Choose template dialog box, search the template you want to use and click it.
  3. To access the Sitecore Content Publisher editor, click Grant, or click Sign in as a different user if you want to log in as another user.
  4. In the publication editor, edit the publication.
  5. To save your changes, click Save.
  6. To download the new publication, click Download.

You only need to grant permission to the Sitecore Content Publisher editor once. If you already granted the editor access to your Sitecore Content Hub instance, you can step 3.

Edit a publication

You edit a publication using the Sitecore Content Publisher editor that you access either by clicking Edit on the publication tile of your choice or when creating a new publication.

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