Script restriction

  • All scripts in Sitecore Content Hub™ are restricted, with permitted libraries and blocked libraries.
  • If you have legacy unrestricted scripts that are published, and you upgrade to a later version than 3.2.2, your scripts will still work. However, you will not be able to create or publish new unrestricted scripts.
  • If you have legacy unrestricted scripts, we recommend to convert them to restricted scripts.

The ScriptConfiguration setting is system-owned; superusers cannot edit it.

Permitted libraries

You can use the following libraries in a script:

  • System.*
  • Stylelabs.M.Sdk.**
  • System.Net.HttpStatusCode
  • Stylelabs.M.Scripting.Types.**
  • Stylelabs.M.Framework.LoadConfigurations.**
  • Stylelabs.M.Framework.LoadOptions.**
  • Stylelabs.M.Base.Querying.Linq.**
  • Stylelabs.M.Base.Querying.Filters.**
  • Stylelabs.M.Base.Querying.Query
  • Stylelabs.M.Base.Querying.ScrollRequest
  • Stylelabs.M.Base.Querying.Sorting
  • Newtonsoft.**
  • One wildcard (*) means you can use only the classes and objects of that namespace. You cannot use the classes and objects of the embedded namespaces. For example, System.* allows you to use System.ArgumentException, but not System.Web.Services.WebService (the first is directly within the System namespace, unlike the second).
  • Two wildcards (``)** mean you can use any classes and objects of that namespace or any embedded namespaces.

Blocked libraries

You cannot use the following libraries:

  • System.Activator
  • System.Environment
  • System.GC

Blocked attributes

You cannot use the following attributes:

  • System.Type:InvokeMember

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