The SDK comes with a number of constants that can be re-used in implementations. Constants can be found in Stylelabs.M.Sdk in the Constants class.


The constants class consists of multiple subclasses. These subclasses have the following structure.

There is a class per entity definition (Asset, AssetType, Job...) containing:

  • Definition name
  • Property names
  • Relation names
  • Entity information (values for built-in entities)

Also, there is information about the REST API:

  • The api root path
  • Headers
  • Endpoints
    • Template name
    • Template variables

Extending constants

The constants class can be extended by "wrapping" the default constants.

using Stylelabs.M.Sdk;

namespace Stylelabs.M.WebSdk.Examples
    public static class CustomConstants
        public static class Asset
            public const string DefinitionName = Constants.Asset.DefinitionName;

            public const string CustomProperty = "MyCustomPropertyName";

Constants from the SDK constants file can be excluded or included as required. Custom constants can also be added.

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