Default renditions

Several predefined renditions are available for download by default in Sitecore Content Hub.

Essential renditions are the renditions necessary to view the assets on the Trash, the My trash, the Archived assets, and the archived asset details pages.

The following table lists the default media renditions:

OriginalOriginal version of the asset.No.
MetadataMetadata of the asset rendered in JSON format.No.
PDFRendition of the asset in PDF format.No.
PreviewPreview rendition used in the inline preview view.Yes.
MediumRendition used to download the preview format of the asset.No.
ThumbnailThumbnail rendition showing on assets tiles in the grid view.Yes.
Big thumbnailLarger thumbnail rendition showing on the Asset details page.Yes.

Remember that the rendition used for the download preview of an asset is labeled Medium and is not the same as the Preview rendition.


If the rendition you want is not available by default, you can create custom renditions when downloading assets.

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