In the context of project management, a task is a piece of work that has a time element associated with it. In Sitecore Content Hub, there are several types of tasks. Examples of tasks are:

  • Upload images from a photoshoot.
  • Change the layout of a page.
  • Annotate content.
  • Review and approve a piece of artwork.

Tasks are listed on the Tasks page (as shown in the following example) or on the Tasks tab within a project or stage.


You must have the necessary permissions for your tasks to display on the Tasks page.

Project managers can create tasks from the Tasks tab in a basic project or in a stage of a multi-stage project, and perform actions on tasks - such as editing details and reassigning a task - from the Tasks page. Task assignees can use the Tasks page to view tasks they have been assigned, and select a task to complete.

More actions

When looking at a list of tasks, you can use the More actions menu to make a variety of changes to that task.

Reassign taskChange the assigned users or user groups.
Edit taskEdit the task (for example, change the name or message text; or add assets, fragments, and CMP content).
Send reminderSend a reminder to the assigned users or assigned user groups.
CancelCancel the task. The task is kept, but its status is changed to CANCELED.
Delete taskRemove the task. The task is removed from the project and deleted.

You can search and filter tasks (for example, you can narrow down the list of tasks displayed using the All, Assigned to me, or Created by me filters).

Task status

To help you quickly determine the status of a task, each status type is color coded:

  • Red - these tasks are Declined. They have been rejected by the assignee.
  • Green - these tasks are Done. They are complete.
  • Blue - these tasks are In progress. They have been accepted and are under way.
  • Grey - these tasks are Waiting or Assigned. They are pending and have not yet started.

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