Share content collections

When you share content collections, four user roles determine access to the collections:

  • Reader
  • Developer
  • Contributor
  • Manager

The following table shows these roles and their associated permissions.

Update metadataNoNoYesYes
Add or remove itemsNoNoYesYes
Upload cover imageNoNoYesYes
Manage rolesNoNoNoYes

Add users to a content collection

To add users to a content collection:

  1. On the content collection detail page, click User access.

  2. Click Add users.

  3. In the User access dialog box, assign a role to each user.

  4. Select the role required for each user.

  5. Click Save.

API key permissions

It is the user role that determines permissions for the API keys. These keys authorize access to content collections through the Preview and Delivery APIs.

Only users assigned a Developer or Manager role can create API keys from a content collection page.

The following table shows the API keys permissions for each user role.

Create tokenNoNoYesYes
Revoke own tokenNoNoYesYes
Delete own tokenNoNoYesYes
Revoke all tokensNoNoNoYes
Delete all tokensNoNoNoYes

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