Member groups

The properties and relations you assign to an entity definition are called members and they are grouped in member groups. An entity definition consists of one or more member groups.


Make sure to create the member groups before you create the individual members.

To create a member group:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage .

  2. On the Manage page, click Schema.

  3. On the Schema page, find the required entity definition and click it to open it.

  4. On the entity definition detail page, click New group. The New member group dialog box opens.

  5. In the New member group dialog box, in the Name field, define a name for the member group. This is the name used in the data model.

  6. In the Label field, select the language of the label and a label. The label determines how the member group displays in the user interface. Labels can be multilingual. For example, on an asset detail page, the labels of the different nember groups are used, instead of member group names.

  7. Turn the Secured switch to On if the relation is only visible to users with sufficient access rights. If the switch is Off, all users can see the relation.


    This is known as member security.

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