Portal assets

When you create portal pages, all the assets available in the Sitecore Digital Asset Management™ (DAM) system are available. Assets specifically created for the portal pages are called portal assets. For example, if a user requires a background for a tile, this is a portal asset. You manage portal assets in the portal manager. Portal assets have a specific set of portal renditions.

To work with portal assets:

  1. On the menu bar, click Manage .

  2. On the Manage page, click Portal assets.

    All existing portal assets are displayed on the Portal assets page.

  3. To select the portal assets you want, click the checkbox in the upper-left corner of the thumbnail, or click the Select all checkbox.

    After you select portal assets, the operations toolbar displays.

    From the toolbar, you can:

    • Download selected portal assets .

    • Delete selected portal assets .

    • Show only selected portal assets .

    • Copy selected portal assets to the clipboard (click Show all items ).

    The toolbar also displays a count of the number of selected portal assets.

  4. To upload new portal assets, click Upload Files and select the files you want to upload.


You can also access the Portal assets page from the Pages portal by clicking Portal assets in the upper-right corner of the application window.

Portal asset details

The portal asset details page displays the metadata of the selected portal asset. Unlike M.Asset, the metadata is limited to the filename, title, and description, which are editable.

You can edit the following portal asset system properties:

  • Public links
  • Collections
  • Collection (master)
  • Is checked out
  • Is checked in
  • Is discarding
  • Template properties
  • Chili publications (template image)
  • Chili publications (document asset)
  • Role proxy
  • Chili publications
  • Used in Adobe Creative Cloud assets

Toolbar options

On the portal asset details page, you can access localizations for the portal asset. The localization option is based on the available portal languages.

Additionally, from the toolbar on the portal asset detail page, you can:

  • Download the portal asset .

  • Upload a new version of the portal asset .

  • Preview the portal asset .

  • Delete the portal asset .

You can also access More actions , such as public links.

All files

On the asset details page, underneath the entity image, you can see a list of all versions of the portal asset.

When there is more than one file in the file history, on the file that is not tagged as the master file, you can:

  • Set the file as the master .

  • Download the original file .

  • Add annotations .

  • See a preview .

  • Create a public link .

  • Create a direct link .


    When you send a direct link to someone who is not authorized to view the asset, the following error message displays {"Message": "Authorization has been denied for this request."}).

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