Reporting logs

The Reporting logs page is a directory page for all recorded events within the system. Events, such as completed download orders, the starting point of projects, archiving of assets, and so on, are shown. The possible events are listed in Reporting Events dictionary.

A user can opt for the download of the reporting logs in the file format they need. Currently, JSON and Csv file extensions are supported.

The list of event documents can be extensive. Individual log entries can be expanded by clicking on the entry.

The logs can be searched using the metadata fields:

  • Timestamp
  • Event type
  • Definition
  • User ID
  • User
  • Target ID
  • Created by
  • Created on
  • Modified by
  • Modified on

These searches can be saved using Save search, which is available from the more actions .

Saved searches are shown under from the more actions .

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