Sitecore Product Content Management (PCM) helps your product content to remain well organized, logically and consistently displayed, during its entire lifespan. The data for each product is well enriched, placing the products, and the subsequent Products page, at the core of Sitecore PCM.

To see your products, on the menu bar, click Products and select Products:

The Products page displays the products in a tabular format, with Name, Number and Product status properties. It also includes full-text and faceted search capabilities:

When you select products using the checkboxes, the selection menu bar displays with various operations:

The available operations are as follows:

  • Select : enables you to either select all the products in the list (select all) or to clear the previously made selection (select none). This operation also shows a number indicating the count of the selected products.

  • Edit in table : opens a mass edit table for the selected products, which you can use to update the data of the products included in the selection.

  • Delete : deletes the selected products.

  • Export to Excel : exports the selected products' data to a .xlsx file. You can configure the export options in the Export to Excel dialog box:

    • Filename: specifies the name of the downloaded file.
    • User-friendly column headers: uses labels instead of the technical member names as column headers. Please note that you cannot reimport an exported file using this option.
    • User-friendly cell values: adds extra columns with user-friendly labels for every value to the exported Excel file.
  • Show all items : offers two further options:

    • Show selected only: hides the non-selected products in the list.
    • Copy to clipboard: copies the selected products to the clipboard.

For more information about products, see:

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